Prime Male Review: 12 Natural Ingredients to Make You Manlier

Prime Male Reviews & Results 2020

Prime male review

Just as its name suggests, this supplement can help rebrand you from a bland, fat and boring male to a Prime Male.

Granted, it takes more than a supplement to make you more masculine, but it is a good place to start.

As men grow older, the level of testosterone in their system drops. This starts to change their body in different ways.

The skin starts to sag, crease and wrinkle, the sex drive takes a dip, the strength levels decline, the mood turns gloomy and then there is unexplained fatigue all the time.

However, your youth is not over until you say it is. That is why select products can reverse the effects of aging.

Prime Male is among the top supplements for boosting testosterone secretion. It can help make you more masculine, stronger, give you more energy, better immunity and much more.

Keep reading to see the ingredients, dosage and other vital information about this supplement.

Prime Male Overview

This is a natural booster for testosterone production in your body. It is manufactured in the UK, and so it is available on the official website.

This supplement has been formulated from 12 powerful ingredients. It is going to bring back your youthful masculinity.

Prime Male is not testosterone

It is a powerful testosterone booster. Therefore, this is not the testosterone itself. Rather, the supplement will encourage your body to start producing more testosterone.

Although this supplement is made from natural ingredients, which work a bit slowly, you do not want to wait for months on end to see results. In about 2 to 8 weeks, you will have seen awesome results.

Why such a long range? The reason is that our bodies are different. Some change fast, some take time. It also depends on your objective for taking this supplement.

You can take Prime Male to help you lose weight. You can also take it to boost your libido, to give you energy and strength to work out for bigger muscles or to reduce fatigue and moodiness.

If you are experiencing the following, you should take this male vitality supplement:

  • Short and limp erections
  • Dip in your sexual energy
  • Fatigue even when you have spent the day resting
  • Strength wears out fast when you are working out
  • Fat gain
  • Low energy levels all the time

It is not an overnight miracle worker

Prime Male can help your body fix all of the above. However, make no mistake about this because this is not a one night wonder supplement.

If you are looking for a miracle, this is not it. You have to put in the work. Some of the things that make this supplement manifest results faster include:

  • Exercising frequently
  • Eating the right foods
  • Having enough sleep daily
  • Using this supplement frequently
  • Reducing your intake on things that lower testosterone

Manufactured to the highest standards

Prime Male is manufactured in the UK in labs that meet the standards set forth by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. It is also packaged as a capsule that you take orally.

In fact, in the USA, this supplement is FDA-approved for testosterone therapy. It can also be administered to people with tumors that are related to the pituitary gland.

This is a product of many years of research and testing.  That is why it is free of side effects and it can be used by all men above the age of 18. However, it is recommended as best for men over 30 years of age.

Prime Male Ingredients

Prime male ingredients

We have been waxing lyrical about this supplement, but what is in the vitality complex? It is a blend of 12 ingredients. These natural ingredients boost the body’s function to do certain things. For example, since the body is supposed to produce testosterone from the Pituitary gland, these ingredients enhance how the gland works.

Of course, they do many more things such as boosting immunity, giving you strength and many more.

Here are the most notable ingredients in this supplement:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

In most testosterone boosting supplements, you will find that the number one ingredient is always the D-Aspartic Acid – DAA. This is because it is quite effective. In about 3 weeks, it will have boosted your testosterone production by more than 40%.

However, you will note that this is not just regular DAA. It is DAA-CC, in this case CC means Calcium Chelate.

Calcium Chelate has a very important role. It chelates, which means combine or bind something to calcium. In this case, Calcium chelate makes the D-Aspartic Acid more bioavailable and more absorbable to the body.

Bio Perine

The main function of Bio Perine is bioenhancement, which is the same thing as bioavailability. What this means is that your body gets all the nutrients. Therefore, Bio Perine enhances the absorption of the amino acid DAA, which in turn enhances the secretion of testosterone.

Bio Perine also enhances important functions such as metabolism, which in return enhances the breakdown of fat for energy. People with fast metabolism can almost eat what they like without getting fat.


Zinc can treat hypergonadism. It can also increase the rate of testosterone production in the body as well as lower the functionality of prolactin, which converts testosterone to estrogen. It directly boosts T levels in your blood.


Boron also enhances how the body reacts to calcium, magnesium and other minerals and nutrients. At the same time, it also enhances the testosterone metabolism, which in return leads to more testosterone secretion.


First, Luteolin enhances the operation of D-aspartic acid, which directly increases the secretion of testosterone in the body. Secondly, it is a strong antioxidant and therefore it removes free radicals and boosts immune power.

Magnesium Citrate

The SHBG – sex hormone binding globulin stops the utilization of testosterone by binding itself to the hormone. However, Magnesium citrate is going to stop SHBG from binding itself to testosterone therefore leading to its (testosterone) full utilization in your body.

Red Ginseng Extract

Also called Korean Red Ginseng, this is a traditionally renowned herb for functions such as treating erectile dysfunction. It also enhances the quantity of testosterone in the blood.

Does ginseng help with testosterone? Studies show that it does. It also helps with vasodilation, which is related to blood flow. It means more blood flow to your genitals will lead to more arousal. Red ginseng also raises sexual arousal in both men and women.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract

This one enhances the functioning of the L-Dopa amino acid. Now, L-Dopa inhibits the prevalence of the Prolactin hormone, which is a female hormone that hinders the secretion of testosterone.

Vitamin K2

There is a high concentration of vitamin K2 in the Leydig cells, which produce testosterone. Therefore, when the level of this vitamin goes down, the production of T is affected. That is why you need to supplement it.

Nettle Root

Nettle Root extract prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Therefore, the level of testosterone in your blood rises.

Vitamin D3

In the testis, there are Leydig cells. These are the main sources of testosterone. Inside these cells are the vitamin D3 receptors. Therefore, Vitamin D3 is directly related to the level of testosterone in your body.

Vitamin B6

Mostly used in combination of Magnesium and Zinc, Vitamin B6 helps in the increase of testosterone. Of course, the mechanics behind how it does this are a bit complex, but it works with all the other ingredients to increase the secretion rate of this male hormone.

How to Use Prime Male

First, this supplement comes in a bottle, packaged in capsules. There are 120 capsules in one bottle. You are supposed to take 4 pills a day, not together, but 1 pill 4 times a day, with meals. 

For best results, it is recommended that you take this supplement for at least 60 days. Of course, it can start showing results in as early as 2 weeks of use.

Pros and cons of Prime Male

Every product has its benefits and disadvantages. However, when the pros are more than the cons, it must be a good one.

Helps to develop lean muscleYou should only buy it from official website to
Good for reducing fat massIt can be slow to show results
Good for circulatory health 
Has ingredients that helps the body to absorb nutrients 
Can boost sexual desire and libido 
Increase energy levels for working out 

Where to buy it

You can buy it on the official website. There, you can use payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

You can order 1-month supply at $69, 2-month supply at $138 or 4-month supply at $207. You can see that the price per bottle reduces as you order more.

You also get free shipping in the US and UK if you buy the 2-month supply. You get free shipping world wide if you buy the 4-month supply.

You also get a 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t like the results. Just return any unopened bottles and your money for the return will be refunded.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the Prime Male testosterone-boosting supplement is a good decision if you feel unexplained fatigue, experience low moods, no energy to work out and low sexual desire. However, because of the choice of 12, science-backed ingredients, you shall enjoy many more benefits when you start taking it.

To get the best results, adhere to the dosage instructions and take it consistently for about 60 days. This is long, but it is a natural supplement and so its effects are gradual but long lasting.

At the same time, the money back guarantee is for 90 days so you have nothing to lose by using it for a consistent 60 days.

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