GenFX Review – Natural HGH Booster Supplement That Works!

genfx review

With time youth fades. The signs of degeneration start showing on the skin, weak bones, low sexual stamina, low energy and others.

Sad news, I know. However, as you read this GenFX review, you will see why it is possible to delay aging.

It is also possible to enhance your body strength, your skin texture and enhance your brain by combining this supplement with good food.

You can clear those wrinkles from your skin. You can also build stronger bones. You will also build lean muscle, burn fat and maintain good health overall.

Keep reading to see what a good HGH supplement can help you achieve for your health. This supplement is actually a booster, so it will help your body produce more growth hormone naturally and with zero to minimal side effects.

GenFX overview

Leading Edge Health – the company that makes this HGH booster has been in business for years. This HGH releaser is just one among many of their products. They have products for male/female health, skin, sexual health, anti-aging and more.

But just what is GenFX?

It is a HGH boosting supplement that is formulated to increase the production of HGH naturally in your body. Your body is perfectly capable of producing its own growth hormone. However, with time, its capacity to do so dips and therefore, you have to use a boosting supplement.

Therefore, what GenFX does is to stimulate your pituitary gland. This gland is responsible for the production of growth hormone. Therefore, if you have been feeling too fatigued for no reason, lack of strength to do your workouts, have bad skin, poor balance and so on, you need to try this supplement.

The supplier claims that this product is as effective as HGH injections but that it does not come with the side effects that they (injections) come with.

Because cell degeneration happens with age, you need a growth hormone booster that can help with the formation of new cells. That way, new cells replace the old cells in due time. It is like getting a new leash of life.

Good for general wellbeing

This product is a holistic “healer” as it is also good for your circulatory health, lung health, brain health, bone and muscle. It takes care of everything.

When you buy this product, they say you have 67 days money back guarantee. If you do not like it, or if you do not see results within that time, return the remainder of the product in its original container and you will get a full refund. Well… it might be tricky to return but all the same, it shows just how much confidence the manufacturers have in their product.

Natural supplement

GenFX is a natural supplement. Its ingredients, which we will look at later, are from plants and animals sources. In addition, it is produced in FDA-approved labs, to the highest standards possible. Therefore, there will be minimal to zero side effects.

GenFX HGH Releaser Ingredients

genfx hgh releaser ingredients

Any supplement that you are going to consume is as good as the ingredients used to make it. Now, if a supplement can help your body increase the bone density, boost immunity, increase strength, build lean muscle and do much more, well, it must be really good.

If it helps the skin, if it boosts brain power, heart and lung health and does many other things, it must be backed up by super ingredients.

I mean, well, if it will restore your youth, it is a serious product and by all looks, this one is.

Here are the ingredients that it comes with, starting with 12 amino acids that help the body in various ways:

GenFX has 12 amino acids

Glutamine –This is an essential amino acid that enhances the health of the brain. In addition, it is also used in supplements for boosting muscle growth.

L-arginine – This is an amino acid’s main job is to improve the circulation of blood in the body.

Glycine – This is yet another amino acid that is mainly responsible for boosting the immunity. It also helps keep aging at bay by enhancing cell regeneration.

Lysine – It is used in products that are aimed at curbing hair loss and bone mass improvement.

Leucine – This one is responsible for lowering the muscle soreness after working out. Therefore, you can consistently work out without stopping for days to recover.

Panax Ginseng Powder – It will help lower your blood glucose thereby lowering your susceptibility to diabetes.

Pyroglutamate – This is an amino acid for boosting brain health.

Methionine – It will help your body to heal its wounds faster

Threonine – It will help in issues affecting the central nervous system. It does this by helping in the synthesis of protein.

Phytosterol Complex – Your body will get all the assistance that it needs to maintain the required level of good cholesterol in the body.

Tyrosine – Helps in the production and release of thyroid hormones

Soy phosphatides complex – This helps to improve brain health. It also increases the cognitive function.

Gelatin – It can help address sleep issues, cognitive ability and more that enhance the well-being of your body.

Valine – This is a BCAA – branched chain amino acid that packs energy in your muscles, thus delaying fatigue and helping you work out longer.

Other ingredients

GenFX contains Magnesium Stearate, which keeps the pill together, as well as silicon dioxide for preventing the pills from being stuck on each other. It also has anterior pituitary extracts that help the pituitary gland perform better.

To summarize the ingredients of this HGH booster supplement, the glutamine, glycine, L-arginine and lysine can stimulate the pituitary gland so that it starts to produce more growth hormone.

How GenFX works

When you were young, you could jump heights, lift weights and work for many hours on end without feeling too much fatigue. However, with the onset of age, you have become somehow redundant and you feel fatigued for no reason.

You experience low energy and most importantly, you could be losing skin texture, hair quality and you experience low libido. All of these things have something in common – low HGH levels!

With the GenFX supplement, you can reverse that easily. So how does it work?

It stimulates the pituitary gland

The main thing to know about this HGH booster is that it is absorbed into the body fast. This is because it is made of natural ingredients. The ingredients are going to affect how the pituitary gland works. They stimulate it so that it can continue releasing the HGH hormone naturally.

Now, the HGH hormone has many roles to play in your body and health. One of them is that it boosts your brainpower. Secondly, it helps to repair worn out tissues, thus helping injuries to heal faster. In addition, this hormone can also help to regulate the blood sugar and do much more.

Therefore, you can see why it is so important to have the pituitary gland produce the growth hormone consistently.

Boosts testosterone-related activities

When you have the Pituitary gland producing enough HGH hormone, you can enjoy more accompanying benefits. For example, with more secretion of the HGH, the testosterone levels also rise.

Testosterone is the main male hormone that is responsible for the enhancement of masculinity in men. It is resposible for a higher sex drive, more muscle gain, strength and energy.

You will get more strength and energy to work out. It also helps your body to burn more fat than it would otherwise burn if you were not taking it.

Sound sleep and more immunity

Without going to the mechanics of how the growth hormone enhances sleep, many users find that they are able to sleep more soundly after using it. With more quality sleep, you will be more productive and alert at work the following day.

Sound sleep also promotes more immunity. When you are asleep, the cells can regenerate. You also give your muscles time to recover if you have post-workout soreness. Many of the 12 amino acids that make up the main ingredients of this product boost your immunity.

GenFX Pros and Cons

Most people think of fatigue, bad skin, poor bone health, memory loss and other things as the indications of aging. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

These are not symptoms of age. They are indications of low growth hormone in your system. In any case, even if it is aging, it should be a pleasure and not a punishment.

Enhances blood circulation and heart healthTakes a bit long for the user to see results
Makes your brain sharperYou can only buy this supplement online
Has many anti-aging benefits 
Helps in the regeneration of your cells 
It improves the bone density 
Good for rejuvenating and refreshing you to help you beat fatigue 
Improved stamina and sexual drive 
Can help burn fat and give you leaner muscle mass 

How to use GenFX

Because this supplement has been formulated with natural products only, you do not need a prescription from a doctor. You can just order it online and use it.

Read the usage instructions on the box keenly. In addition, do not throw the box away. Leading Edge Health says that you can return any remaining product or empty bottle within 67 days if you do not see results, for a full refund.

The recommended dosage for the supplement is 2 capsules a day, with a meal or a glass of water. To see results, you should take it consistently. The least quantity that you can buy is the 30-day bottle.

Where to buy GenFX

You can buy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 12-month supply on the official website. When you order more, you save more money. For example, one month’s supply costs $50 and a 4-month supply costs $37.50 a bottle, therefore saving you $12 on what you pay for a 1-month supply.  

If you buy a 6 or 12-month supply, you will save more since you will only pay $33.28.


From all angles, GenFX HGH releaser is good for daily use. It has immense benefits for your body and mind health. Besides, it also enhances, albeit indirectly, the secretion of testosterone.

If you are old and your body isn’t able to produce enough growth hormone naturally, you can assist it along. If you work out and you want more energy for gym time, less post-workout soreness, more strength and faster fat burn, combine GenFX with a proper diet. You will never regret using it. 

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