4 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements on the Market in 2021 for Energy & Libido

best testosterone booster supplements in 2021

What are the best testosterone booster Supplements on the market?

We could simply say there are so many of them.

But look here:

While a wide variety is good for buyers, it has a flipside.

After all, the manufacturers of these products claim that theirs is the best. Therefore, for a first-time buyer, it can be a bit challenging to get the real deal.

However, do not worry!

Here, we have done the footwork for you. We bring you four of the best testosterone booster pills on the market. Why should you have to do the hard work while all you want is a supplement?

What does a testosterone booster do?

To understand what this supplement does, we must delve into biology a bit. Don’t worry, nothing too technical, just the bare basics.

Testosterone is a naturally-occurring hormone produced in the testes for the men. In women, it is produced in the adrenal gland as well as in the ovaries.

Now, as we know with almost all “naturally occuring” hormones, more often than not, they need to be supplemented. The human body just gets to a point where it becomes too stressed or perhaps we fail to eat right and therefore, it produces less than the required level of these hormones.

And that dear reader is why you may or may not need to use a testosterone supplement.

Back to what this hormone supplement does, it is just going to boost the work of the natural hormone. The natural testosterone enhances the masculine characteristics in men. Therefore, men produce it in higher quantities than women.

But ….

Away from common masculinity traits such as broad shoulders, deep voice, beard and such, this hormone may also come in handy in developing muscle mass and helping you manage your weight.

Therefore, men who have it in low quantities may have increased fat mass. Taking a booster can help reduce this, of course, in combination with exercise and proper eating habits.

Who needs Testosterone boosters?

Almost any man can use these supplements.

However, please take note of the use of the word “almost.” This definitely tells you that not every man should take it.

Today, research shows that men between the ages of 18 and 60 years are taking these supplements. This is partly due to influence from the media – the flashy adverts and largely due to the fact that these supplements work!

From enhancing your libido to increasing strength, muscle mass and reduce fat mass, if well chosen as we will show you here, these supplements really work!

These supplements may or may not have any effect on men over the age of 65 years. In fact, there could be a slight increase in their risk of contracting heart conditions from taking supplements.

Therefore, if you are within the senior age bracket, talk to your doctor before taking any supplement.

Here are the Reviews of The 4 Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market

Now that you have seen how important testosterone is for your body, you need to choose a good product.

To reiterate, with so many in the market, it can be quite a tough call to choose a good one. Here are four of the top rated products that you can buy without fear.

#1. TestoGen – The Best Testosterone Booster in 2020

TestoGen - World's Best Testosterone Booster

Is TestoGen any good?

The devil is in the details, so they say. Therefore, that is why we will delve into the details right here.

TestoGen is actually a blend of more than ten naturally occurring ingredients blended in the food-grade labs of Wolfson Berg Ltd.

Although this product is only several years old having been launched in 2014, it has become popular quite fast.

The reason for that is that its formulation consists of natural extracts only. Besides,  this product increases strength, sexual performance, alertness and concentration in men


This product is a blend of tens of natural extracts, which include, but not limited to the following:

  • Red ginseng extract – good for enhancing libido
  • Fenugreek extract – improves insulin release and muscle growth
  • Nettle leaf extract – Binds with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin protein for better libido
  • Vitamin B6 – helps in serotonin secretion for mood improvement
  • Vitamin K1 – helps in absorption of calcium in the body and enhances bone health
  • D Vitamin – Increases level of testosterone in the users body
  • Zinc – healthy sperm production
  • Magnesium – Helps in the biochemical reactions in the body
  • Boron – Increases testosterone level in the blood
  • Many others

How it works

The combination of these powerful ingredients is good for your body. Within a few weeks or so of using this supplement, you are going to experience positive results.

More strength is one of the positive effects that you are going to experience. The reason for this is that the product helps the body reduce its fat mass and build lean muscle instead. Fat slows people down.

You will notice an increased performance in the sack. Your missus is going to compliment you. Well, the improvement will be gradual so it might be slow to notice at first, but with time, your erections get harder and they last longer.

Enjoy better mood – Thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin B6, this product helps you feel happier because it increases the level of feel-good hormone serotonin in your system.

How to use

The dosage is 4 capsules everyday for positive effects. One box contains 120 capsules, so they should take you through the month. You must be 18 years and older to use this product. Take one pill four times a day, with food.

Natural ingredients with minimal to zero side effectsDosage is too high at 4 capsules a day
Healthily and hygienically produced in world-class labsMight not help users over 65 years of age
Potency level is high 
Simple to use 

Where to get TestoGen

You can only get this product from the official TestoGen website. Offers include one month’s free supply if you buy two months’ supply and two months free supply if you buy three months’ supply.

#2. Prime Male – The Best Natural Testosterone Booster

Imagine taking one, just one red pill and being able to change your life with it. OK, while there are more details into this, this is basically what Prime Male consists of.

The highlight of this supplement is that it combines 12 potent ingredients that are known for their ability to boost testosterone in the body.


These include the following and a brief description of what they do:

  • D-Aspartic Acid – It regulates amino acid synthesis
  • Zinc – It enhances your sex drive
  • Vitamin K2 – Triggers the production of more testosterone
  • D3 Vitamin – Enhances the natural production of testosterone
  • Vitamin B6 –Enhances your overall body health
  • Magnesium – Binds to a hormone that prevents testosterone usage in the body
  • Red Ginseng – Libido enhancement
  • Nettle Extract – Prevents the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen
  • Luteolin – enhances the testosterone/estrogen ratio in your body
  • BioPerine – enhances viability of the supplement

How it works

The most important thing about this testosterone booster is that its 12 ingredients are in bioavailability form. What this means is that the product is in its natural form and it has the required effect by the time it gets into your bloodstream.

Among some of the things that this product helps with include depression, low libido, fatigue, loss of concentration or alertness and many others. It also improves strength and lean muscle while reducing fat mass. This is why it is popular with bodybuilders.

The bigger ingredients in Prime Male bind with Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), a protein that is responsible for transporting testosterone. This ensures that you T is not misused.

Increases the libidoYou may experience mood swings
Helps the user build lean muscleStomach upsets have been reported
Reduces the risk of developing Type II diabetes by regulating blood sugarOnly available online
Stimulates your moodHigh dosage
Gives you more energy 

Where to get it

The best place to get Prime Male is on their official PrimeMale website. It sells with a 90-day money back guarantee if you do not get the desired results. It is packed in red capsules and a month’s supply has 120 pills.

How to use

You should take one pill four times a day with food or beverage.

#3. T-Plus Test Booster by Performance Labs – The Best Testosterone Booster for Ultimate Performance

T-Plus by performance labs

The manufacturer of this product says that it has the ability to provide your body with the testosterone support that it needs to perform its masculine duties. This product is among a wide range of sports supplements produced by UK-based Performance Lab using ultramodern technology.

The manufacturer says that the use of this product is going to enhance your masculinity qualities. It is going to enhance your sexual virility, increase your strength, build lean muscle and help lower fatigue levels.


The ingredients are responsible for making any product viable. T-Plus has many ingredients and the manufacturer claims that all of them are from natural sources.

Here are the most notable ones:

Ashwagandha – This herb has been used for millennia in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems to increase libido. T-Plus contains 300mg of this root extract. Its work is to boost the production of testosterone in the body.

D-Aspartic Acid – The supplement contains 1000mg of this amino acid regulator. It helps in the production and utilization of testosterone in the body.

Luteolin – With 30mg of this extract, your body is going to be able to suppress estrogen and enhance the production of testosterone in the body.

Mucuna Pruriens – There are 150g of velvet bean, which is also called Mucuna Pruriens. It enhances the natural production of the T hormone in the body. At the same time, it lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body and raises the level of the feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

How it works

From the ingredients alone, you can guess that this product has many positive effects. One of them is that by enhancing the natural production of the T hormone in your body, it will increase energy levels, reduce fatigue and make your masculine characteristics stand out. It brings out your masculinity by suppressing the female hormone estrogen.

If you are on a fitness regime, this product is going to boost your workout energy and help you build lean muscle. Fat mass makes people slow, fatigued and depressed. This product helps to lower fat thereby leaving you more active on your feet, more alert and more productive at work.

Taking this testosterone booster will enhance your mood a great deal. It helps increase the level of feel good hormones in your system while lowering the stress hormone – cortisol. This leaves you feeling happier.

Made with high quality, natural ingredientsCan cause bloating or diarrhea in people with preexisting conditions
It promotes muscle growthDoes not contain vitamins
Suppresses female hormone and reduces stress 
Caffeine and gluten free supplement 
Safe for everyday use 

Where to get it

You can get your T Plus testosterone booster from the manufacturer’s website . You may also get it from other online marketplaces. And you get discounts from Performance Labs when you buy a few to many bottles.

How to use

A regular bottle comes with 60 pills. However, there is also a 2-bottle package with 120 capsules and a 3-bottle package with 180 capsules. It comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee if their product does not produce results. Take one capsule four times a day with food or snack.

#4. TestoFuel


Most people ask: Is TestoFuel a steroid?

No, it is not. However, it is the best alternative to a steroid and it works by helping the body produce testosterone naturally to meet the required levels.

Roar Ambition Limited manufactures it in the UK. The manufacturer claims it is one of the most scientifically researched testosterone booster in the market.

TestoFuel is specifically known for fueling muscle growth and on their website, they say that Robby “The Black Prince” Robinson – a 2 times Mr. America, 2 times Mr. World, 4 times Mr. Universe and 5 times Mr. Olympia recommends TestoFuel.


Irrespective of which celebrity recommends a testosterone booster, well, the real power and potency of these supplements is in their ingredients.

Here, TestoFuel packs their red pills with many ingredients at large quantities for faster results. Here are some of the ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid – This one helps in the natural production and processing of testosterone, muscle mass growth and many more. It also stimulates the part of the brain that enhances the release of testosterone.

Oyster Extract – Oyster is one of the richest-in-zinc foods. Zinc boosts libido – harder and longer-lasting erections.

Ginseng Extract – Ginseng has been used for millennia in Asia for enhancing mood, increasing the level of nitric acid in your blood and thereby enhancing muscle growth and boosting the power of your immune system.

Vitamin D – Boosts the natural production of testosterone in your system

Fenugreek – This popular herb is rich in minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc. It is particularly useful for preventing the sex hormone binding globulin from misusing testosterone.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin works by inhibiting the production of the female hormone estrogen therefore giving the T hormone room to increase in your system. It also enhances your skin texture and boosts immunity.

Vitamin K2 – This will work in tandem with other minerals like zinc and vitamins like D3 to kick-start testosterone production in your testes.

Zinc – It increases the levels of luteinizing hormone, which in turn commands the testes to produce testosterone.

How it works

The first thing that you will realize when you start using this T booster is increased sexual energy. You have seen that it has many ingredients that command the testes to produce more testosterone. In addition, it has mineral ingredients that enhance blood flow.

You will enjoy faster muscle growth. The reason for this is that this product increases your strength and energy. Therefore, you can work out harder and longer. It also lowers fat mass in your body helping in the development of lean muscle.

If you workout, you need a pre-workout and post workout supplement that will help your muscles in recovery. TestoFuel lowers muscle soreness.

Finally, TestoFuel will make you feel more motivated. It enhances the release of feel good hormones, which lead to better mood, more happiness and positivity. You will feel more motivated to work out, be productive at work and much more.

Organic extracts ensure minimal to zero side effectsCan cause stomach upset if you take it without food
90-day money back guarantee if you order 3-month supplyHas to buy 3-month supply for money back guarantee
Build more lean muscleNot good for people allergic to shell fish
Better sexual performance 
Lowers post-workout soreness and enhances recovery 

Where to get it

You can get TestoFuel from their official website. They ship internationally from the UK and the US. The minimum order is one month’s supply – a bottle of 120 capsules. However, when you order two bottles, you get free shipping. If you order 3 bottles, you get free eBook on nutrition, free one month supply and free shipping.

How to use

Dosage is 1 capsule taken with food 4 times a day.

6 ways to know that you have low testosterone

The production of testosterone in the body decreases with age. However, even people as young as 20 years can have low T levels. Here are sure-fire signs that your T levels need a boost:

Decreased desire to have sex

This is the first, main indication that you need a booster. It is OK to have a declining sexual desire with age. However, if the decline is too big, it means your T levels are suffering.

Harder to maintain erections

If you start feeling too tired, cannot maintain an erection for long, you need to check your T levels. In fact, it gets so bad that some men cannot sustain sex for a few minutes.

Not to be confused with premature ejaculation, with lower T-levels, you might even not get the erection and if you do, it will not be hard enough.

Unexplained fatigue

If you are always tired and feeling beat even when you wake up in the morning, you have low T levels. If you start to experience low energy levels and you are not sick, your testes need a kick-start to produce more testosterone.

More fat mass and less muscle mass

Loss of muscle mass means that you lose your muscles. You start becoming leaner but your strength might not be affected.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, more fat mass could be an indication of low testosterone production in the body. However, not having time to work out, poor eating habits and lifestyle choices could lead to this.

Mood swings

Men don’t normally experience mood swings unless something is bothering them and low T levels in your system is a big culprit.

Stress, irritability, uncertainty and anger are some of the common things men experience when their testes are not producing enough testosterone.

Low semen production

Semen is very important because it transports sperm. However, it is among the first things to be affected when you have low testosterone levels. It might not be an indication of low sperm count but semen is needed in enough volumes.

What to expect after using testosterone boosters

Most manufacturers of the best testosterone boosters give a money back guarantee. They say they will refund your money if you do not get results.

Therefore, there must be a way to measure results of using a T booster. Here are a few things to expect:

Increased enthusiasm

Almost all T boosters in the market have an extract that increases the secretion of feel good hormones such as dopamine or serotonin. In return, when the level of the feel-good hormones increases in your system, the level of stress hormones such as cortisol drops.

More strength and energy

With more blood pumping in your veins, you feel more energetic since your muscles and brains are being supplied with nutrient-rich blood.

Better Libido

To tell the truth, men recoil at the thought of losing their libido. Therefore, the main reason they take these supplements is to boost their sexual desire. This will not happen on the first day, so you have to give it time.

More self-esteem

Men are actually conscious of how they look. Therefore, since most testosterone supplements have vitamin stacks, they clear the skin, help bring down the fat mass and enhance lean muscle. These are the main confidence boosters in men, that and the better performance in bed.

Better circulatory health

Testosterone supplements have the huge benefit of lowering the cholesterol level in the blood. Therefore, they improve pump and circulatory health. You will enjoy better heart health. This is also helped by the fact that you have the energy to work out more often.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market

Searching for a testosterone booster in a market that teems with hundreds is not always so easy. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

What is the best testosterone supplement on the market?

There are tens of them. However, without a doubt, TestoGen, Prime Male, T-Plus and TestoFuel are some of the top ones. They have all been made from natural extracts, have zero to no side effects, are easy to use and they are backed by money back guarantees.

Do testosterone boosters really work?

They help to improve the body’s natural production of testosterone. At the same time, they have a horde of other benefits such as improving immunity, better bone and muscle mass, good skin and many more.

Are testosterone boosters bad for you?

Unless they are not made with natural extracts, they are not bad for you. However, if you have any underlying condition, consult your physician first. Secondly, if you have allergy problems, check the ingredients. For example, people with shellfish allergies might have a problem with any supplement that contains oyster extract.

How long does it take for a testosterone booster to work?

The changes in sexual energy can take place as soon as in 3 weeks. It should hit its maximum at about 6 weeks and then it will level up from there. Muscle mass and fat loss depends on whether you will combine these supplements with workout plans and proper diet. Some people can see results sooner and others later. The secret is in being persistent with usage.

Wrapping Up

That is it for the best testosterone boosters on the market. Before you make that order, you have to bear the following in mind:

Cost – You will have to use this product for a few to several months to see the results. Therefore, the cost should not be too high.

Ingredients – They should be natural, non-GMO and rich in nutrients like zinc, vitamin D, Vitamin K1/K2, D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin B6.

Health – You should not have underlying heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension or any other condition. If you do, talk to your doctor.

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