Reviews of The 10 Best Penis Extenders/Stretchers in 2021

Best penis extender 2021

Penis size matters, as harsh as that might sound, it is the truth. In order to achieve maximum pleasure many men are starting to look for solutions for their penis-size problem. This is where penis extenders or enlargers come into place. Even though there are multiple options in the market, not all of them show the same results. Here we are going to make a detail review of the best penis extender tools on the market for 2021. But first there are a few things we need to know about penis extenders. 

What is the “normal” penis size?

When talking about the “normal” penis it is important to know that most men have a normal size. Even though it is one of the main concerns in their sexual life, most penises are completely normal. In these modern times, and specially thanks to the exposure to media, penis size often has an association to virility.

The average size of a flaccid penis ranges between 8 to 13 cm, and in erection between 13 to 18 cm. As a rule, if you stretch your thumb you can know approximately the size of your penis on erection. A penis that is under 7.5 cm in size is not common, and they often receive the label of micropenis.

Do Penis Extenders really work?

This might be the most frequent and important question that most men find themselves asking about penis extenders. The answer is yes, these penis enlargement systems work. With the correct use you can achieve the increase your penis. It also can help patients that suffer from deviations or curvatures of the penis. 

How many centimeters can you get?

With proper use of the product, your penis will increase up to 3 centimeters m in length and 1 centimeter in thickness. After you achieve these results, they will be permanent, having those added centimeters in both erection and rest. Penis Extenders can also help you correct your penis curvature and deviation by approximately 40%.

How Does Penis Extenders Work?

Most of the Penis Extenders in the market have a very simple mechanism. They consist of two metal rods that are attach to a ring that the patient puts in the base of the penis. On the other end of the rods, there is a support system on the tip of the penis (glans). It works by the principle of traction, and penis extenders apply it constantly over time. This will make the cells divide and expand, helping your penile tissues to stretch. It is the same technique that many cultures have been using for many years.      

How should I use Penis Extenders?

– One of the things to know is that this procedure is not painful, and you can achieve it gradually and without any violence.

– Penis Extenders need to be place while the penis is at rest, or flaccid; and can be use any time of the day.

– You can even wear your penis extender under your pants without anyone noticing. 

– The amount of time you need to use it ranges from 6 to 12 hours a day. You can dose it during the whole day while respecting the margin of time. 

– How much time till you see results? You will start seeing them after the first month, and even then, they will be already permanent. As the weeks past, your results will accumulate. 

– The time to stop the treatment will depend on each person. You can use your Penis Extensor for about six months.

– This procedure is harmless, as it does not cause any complication or side effect. In the end, the results you achieve will be completely permanent.

What should you consider before using your Penis Extender?

– First, you must always follow and respect the guidelines and act responsibly while using your penis extender.

– Remember not to put your body into too much strain. Know your limits and take it easy with the penis extender.

– Keep your mind clear of negative thoughts, do not get obsess or have any frustration. Being optimistic and patient will help you achieve better results.  

– Know the differences between a penis extender and an erector pump (vacuum pump). While the former aims to progressively lengthen the penis; The erector pump is an instrument to facilitate and achieve an erection immediately and temporarily, just before sex.

The 5 Best Penis Extender Tools to Try in 2021

Are you planning to buy a penis extender but do not know which one to choose? There are many options available in the market with different price ranges. We recommend that before making a final decision you read this entire article. Reading thorough you will learn more about the best penis extenders currently available.

#1. Quick Extender Pro (2021’s Best Penis Extender)

Quick extender pro

This penis extender offers a fast solution for your penis size problem. With Quick Extender Pro you will add up to three inches to your penis. Over the years this enlargement system has been gaining more and more attention. Now, it has become the top brand in the market with record breaking sales. The most popular package is the Deluxe Edition, that has multiple features that make the Quick Extender Pro a bargain. The Quick Extender Pro can be use by patients who suffer Peyronie’s Disease or have a deviation of the penis. Here are some of its main features:      

– It has a Dual Strap System (DSS) that makes sure that the penis fits easily into the device. This will help you feel comfortable while using the Quick Extender Pro, and the device will have a longer life.

– Quick Extender Pro can adapt itself to the penis shape while being on erection. This way you will not have to worry if you get over exited wearing it.

– The structure of the Quick Extender Pro consists of a complete body of medical grade aluminum. This makes this penis extender 50% more light, and for this more comfortable.

– It possesses comfort pads made of memory foam, this way the penis will have a cushion under tension.

– The ergonomic design allows the Quick Extender Pro to adapt to any kind of penis size and thickness. This way you will not need a separate accessory to use this penis extender.

How does Quick Extender Pro work?

The Quick Extender Pro causes it action through micro-tearing of the penile tissue and its later repair. To achieve this stretching, we need the help of a vacuum. When the device is in your penis, the side attached to the glans is pumped to push the air out. This will stretch the body of your penis, while the Quick Extender Pro is also attached to the base of it. This way you will be able to control the pressure this device applies and be able to relieve the tension.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Quick Extender Pro


– You will increase your penis size by three inches using the Quick Extender Pro Regularly. 

– The results will start appearing after two or three weeks.

– By buying The Deluxe Edition package you will save up to 75% of the original retail price.

– You will receive a double money-back guarantee when buying the Quick Extender Pro. This way you will not lose any money if you are not satisfied with the results.

– Many studies have proven that the Quick Extender Pro is a safe option for penis enlargement.


– Even though it has discount packages, the Quick Extender Pro can be pricy for some costumers.

#2. SizeGenetics Ultimate System

Sizegenetics Ultimate System

The SizeGenetics is an effective solution for penile size problems, proving fast results by using the traction method. This device works by applying a safe and limited tension on the penile tissue, stretching the penis to some extent. The design allows for the SizeGenetics to keep the penis in a stretched position for an established time. This will help increase the size of the penis. SizeGenetics has become a good and popular product in the field of penis extenders, here are some of its features:

– There are 58 ways you can use your SizeGenetics to adapt it to your comfort.

– The tension screws can produce approximately 2800 grams of strength over the penile tissue.

– Multiple studies have demonstrated that the SizeGenetics is 100% safe and provides a complete result

– You can adapt the SizeGenetics to any penis size, all by using the extension bar.

– If you have a curvature or penis deviation you can use the SizeGenetics, as it has a Multi-Directional Angle (MDA)

How does SizeGenetics Ultimate System work?

– SizeGenetics works during the flaccid state, creating enough tension that results in the stretching of the penile tissue. 

– Using the tension screws you can adjust the traction pressure your penis will receive, ranging from 1000 to 2800 grams. This amount of pressure is safe for the penile tissue.  

– By applying this pressure SizeGenetics causes micro tears in the tissue. These micro tears do not have any side effects as the body quickly repairs them. 

– Over time these micro tears will cause for the penile tissue to have more cell mass. This process will increase both the length and penile thickness.

Advantages and disadvantages of the SizeGenetics Ultimate System


– Over the years, SizeGenetics is gaining more and more recognition by the top plastic surgeons all over the world.

– By using SizeGenetics you will increase the thickness of your penis by 1.2 inches and length by 2 inches.

– If you are not satisfied with the results, you will be able to ask for your money back from the company.

– The SizeGenetics provides an easy installation thanks to its 3M comfort pads.

– You will start having effects from the moment you start using SizeGenetics. Any permanent result will be visible after six months of continues use. 


– Some users reported that they had skin irritation during the initial stages of treatment.

#3. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is a new and groundbreaking penis extender device. It works by stretching the penis continuously to increase its size and girth. With the help of a vacuum, Phallosan Forte stretches the penile tissue. This is the major difference that this extender has with the others on this list. Thanks to this stretch your penis will be able to grow. Phallosan Forte can be use not only to increase penis size, it also helps with erectile dysfunction and curved penis. Other uses include in Peyronie’s disease, penile retraction and many others. Here are some of its main features:        

– Phallosan Forte has the back up of multiple medical communities and many studies have shown its efficacy. It can be use to correct a great deal of medical problems.

– The structure of Phallosan Forte has a complete body with biocompatible medical grade materials as well as anti-allergy silicone.

– One of its accessories is a soft cap with rubber that fits over the glans. Thanks to this, you will be able to use Phallosan Forte without having any discomfort.

– It has form fitting properties, giving Phallosan Forte a very modern look in comparation to other penile extensors. This way you will be able to use it under your pants without having any bulks.

How does Phallosan Forte work?

– The main principle of Phallosan Forte is the production of micro-tearing in the penile tissue. The following repair causes an increase in the penis size by adding more cells to the body of the penis. However, the stretching is aid mostly by the help of a vacuum system that comes with Phallosan Forte.   

– Once you the device is secure to the penis, you need to push the air outward creating a vacuum system within the compartment.  

– This process will help stretch the body of the penis, by also having a union to the pubic area. 

– This way you will be able to control the amount of tension your penis will receive when using Phallosan Forte. If the pressure is too much, you will only need to release the tension and allow the air to enter.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Phallosan Forte


– Phallosan Forte has the ability to fix a great variety of penile disorders, not only increase its size.

– You will see the first results after the first ten to twelve weeks of use. But the more permanent results will appear after using the Phallosan Forte continuously for six months. 

– Multiple studies have demonstrated that the Phallosan Forte is safe for any men looking for solutions for penile size. It also has the approval of many medical communities all over the world.


– Every day you must follow the process of securing your penis in the chamber of the Phallosan Forte. This processes some costumers have found it tedious on a daily basis.

#4. Male Edge

Male edge

Male Edge is a penile extender device that help men who want to increase the size of their penis. There are multiple packages available in the Male Edge website, one of them is the Male Edge Extra. Other options include the basic package and the professional package. Male Edge is an improved and updated version of the JES extender, a penile extensor available since the nineties. These past few years the Male Edge Extra is gaining more and more attention; it has become the number one option for penis extension using the pull method. Here are some of its main features:     

– Using Male Edge Extra, you will receive up to 2000 grams of superior traction in your penile tissue.

– After using Male Edge Extra for five to six hours daily, you can increase your penis size by 10%.

– You can use it to treat Peyronie’s Disease, correcting the bend angle by 10° in six months. This correction can get up to 200° in patients who use Male Edge Extra in a long-term basis.

– The structure of the Male Edge Extra has skin-proof silicon and stainless steel.

– The effectiveness and authenticity of Male Edge Extra it is clear, as there are a great number of clinical studies made.

How does Male Edge work?

– Male Edge uses the penile traction method to produce its results. It produces a stretch on the penis while being flaccid and retains it for a controlled time.

– This traction made by the Male Edge causes micro tears on the Penile Tissue. This results in an addition of new cells during the healing process.

– The traction process made by the Male Edge is completely done during the correct posture. Thanks to this the Male Edge extensor can correct any deviation problems in the penis.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Male Edge Extender


– Multiple clinical studies using the Male Edge technology proves the efficacy of this product.

– The Male Edge extender not only does it increase the size of the penis, it also helps correct Peyronie’s disease or Chordee’s Disease.

– The Male Edge technology is CE certified and it is pending registration by the FDA.

– If you are not satisfied with the results you can use the money back guarantee to receive your money. You also have a one-year warranty when using the Male Edge Extender.

– When buying the Male Edge, you will have complete confidentiality and shipping.


– Waring a penile extensor base on the traction method can be uncomfortable for some users. 

#5. JES Extender Gold

jes extender gold

The JES Extender Gold is an exclusive penis extender that, like the one before, uses the principle of traction. Made by the DanaMedic factory, the JES Extender Gold is a trailblazer of the penile extension devices. Over the years there have been multiple versions of the JES Extender have appear, but none like the Gold Package. JES Extender has become one of the most popular penile extensors brands in the market. Here are some of its main features:

– The structure of the JES Extender Gold has premium medical grade materials.

– Even though JES Extender is known as a penile extensor, one of its main uses is as a physiotherapeutic treatment.

– The JES Extender Gold has an ergonomic and smooth design, with multiple features not found in other penile extenders:

– There have been multiple studies explaining the effectiveness and safety of the JES Extender Pro.

How does the JES Extender Gold work?

– The main principle of the JES Extender Gold is its property as traction device for penile extension.

– The main feature that separates JES Extender Gold from its rivals, it is the design. After multiple years of going back and forward to the lab, the structure of the JES Extender Gold, is the best so far. 

– When the JES Extender Gold starts its traction, and the penis is locked down, it starts to create micro-tears. It is important to know that this process is completely harmless and painless.

– The repair process of these micro tears helps add more cellular mass to the penile tissue. Over time this cellular growth will increase the length and girth of the penis.

– JES Extender Gold not only does it work as a penile extender. It also helps treat patients who suffer from Peyronie’s disease. JES Extender Gold can reduce the plaque size by 40% after six months of use.

Advantages and disadvantages of the JES Extender Gold


– When buying the JES Extender Gold from the official website, you will receive a one-year warranty for your product.

– If you have any problem with your JES Extender Gold you can reach the costumer service agents that counts with 19 international languages.

– The JES Extender Gold has a CE certification. There are multiple studies and physicians that praise this penile extensor for its therapeutic properties.

– You will see results within the first month of use.


– The JES Extender Gold can be very expensive for some customers.

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