Best Male Enhancement Pills on the Market to improve your sex life in 2021

best male enhancement pills in 2021

One of the main problems associated with men’s sexual health is male impotence, also known as sexual dysfunction. After so much time it is still taboo to talk about this problem, making it hard for some men to seek treatment. Statistics say that most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction will never seek the help of a doctor. Many men would not even dare to talk about it with someone they trust. For these men, there are new and natural solutions for their problems.

Even though there are many medications aimed to help with sexual dysfunction or other sexual issues, none offer permanent solutions. However, in recent years many researches have come up defending the use of natural male enhancement pills. They say that natural supplements offer a solution for erectile dysfunction, male impotence and lack of libido. You can buy this medication off the counter, without the need to address your sexual issues with anyone. You can even receive this medication right on your doorstep, without the need to get out of your home.

After doing some research, we have come up with a list of the best male enhancement pills available in the current market.

Listed Here are The 6 Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2021

#1. VigRX Plus – 2021’s Best Male Enhancement Supplement

VigRX Plus is one of the most talked about male enhancement pills available today. A proof of its success is that VigRX Plus has been available for a long time, and it is still the best. Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer in charge of this supplement, is making sure to keep their product formulation updated. Thanks to this constant reinvention, VigRX Plus is one of the most potent supplements use for male sexual problems.

The composition of VigRX Plus does not contain any inactive ingredients or fillers. They use a lot of herbs whose effects over the body have been the subject of numerous studies. In the company’s official website, you can find many results from clinical research trials available that back up this information. 

What is inside the formulation of VigRX Plus?

The main reason men keep coming back to VigRX Plus is for its efficacy on increasing male sexual libido and erections. These benefits are the result of a very carefully crafted formula that has been the core of VigRX Plus. To understand how VigRX Plus achieves its effects, we need to know all the ingredients that compose its formula. Here is a list of these essential ingredients:

Asian red ginseng:

This herb offers its potent aphrodisiac properties. Many users report that this herb can give harder and stronger erections, making it a perfect component for VigRX Plus.  

Horny goat weed:

This weed has multiple uses, but around the world it is known to increase nitric oxide. Nitric oxide it is important for making sure you have stronger erections (1). Other properties include the increase of the levels of testosterone production.  

Catuaba bark extract:

Even though this herb has a clearer use for insomnia and reducing fatigue, some researchers report that increases libido.

Muira Puama bark extract:

This herb in combination with the other to make sure you have stronger erections.


This ingredient often takes part in bladder health (2); however, it has other properties. Some studies report the aphrodisiac properties of Damiana, and that it increases blood flow to the penis glans.  

Saw palmetto:

This natural supplement can increase the levels of testosterone in your body.   


The use of this ingredient is one of the most important. Bioperine helps increase the levels of absorption of VigRX Plus (3). The more components our body receives, the easier it would be for VigRX Plus to work.  

Hawthorn berry:

This ingredient can help VigRX Plus increase the levels of oxygen in the blood flow to the penis during erection (4).

Ginkgo biloba:

This herb will help you increase the blood flow to the penis as well as giving you stronger erections (5).

How much VigRX Plus should you take?

Leading Edge Health representatives recommend a dose of one pill twice a day to start the treatment with VigRX Plus. The starter package comes with a box of 60 pills which counts for month worth of treatment. Leading Edge Health also recommends to stick to the recommended dose, consuming more pills will not make VigRX Plus more potent.

Pros and Cons of using VigRX Plus

  • After many researches there is enough evidence that the VigRX Plus is an effective male enhancement pill.
  • The longer you use VigRX Plus over time, the better the results will be. More time means long-lasting erections.
  • You will start noticing the effects of VigRX Plus after a few weeks of use.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results you can use the 67-day money-back guarantee offer by Leading Edge Health.
  • The only problem with VigRX Plus is that you cannot go into a store and simply buy it. It is only available in the Leading Edge Health official website.

#2. ProSolution Pills

Prosolution pills

ProSolution Pills comes from the same company that manufactures VigRX Plus, Leading Edge Health. Over the years it has positioned as one of the most important male enhancement pills. It uses natural products whose effects over the body, and specially over male sexual health are clear. ProSolution Pills has also received rave reviews from doctors and users all over the world. 

ProSolution pills effects over the body are both physical and psychological. The Physical part includes the improvement of male erections. The Psychological part includes the improvement of sexual desire and sexual pleasure. With ProSolution pills you will increase your sexual desire while giving you harder and stronger erections.

What ingredients are inside ProSolution Pills?

ProSolution Pills formula combine multiple ingredients that are not often use in male enhancement pills. Here is a list of the many ingredients found in ProSolution Pills:

  • Solidilin: this ingredient helps increase sexual desire, making sure you have more pleasurable intercourse.
  • Butea Superba: It gives ProSolution Pills the capacity to increase libido and works as an aphrodisiac.
  • Drilizen: This herb is essential in ProSolution Pills increasing the production of luteinizing hormone. This hormone helps regulate the production of testosterone. It also increases levels of nitric oxide, translating into harder and stronger erections. 
  • Korean ginseng: This herb increases sexual function and the thickness and rigidity of the penis.
  • Apigenin and amla: Thanks to this herb you will be able to increase the number of blood vessels in your penis.  
  • Momordica: This product increases the body’s metabolic rate and testosterone production. This on the long run will help you maintain a lower body fat level.
  • Arjuna: This herb helps increase and lower blood pressure.
  • Zinc: This mineral has multiple properties. By using Zinc as one of its components, ProSolution Pills has the ability to increase sperm production and quality. It is often use by men who suffer from infertility.  
  • Bladderwrack: This herb helps boost the metabolism.
  • Reishi Mushroom: This mushroom helps increase stamina and force.
  • Curculigo: This ingredient helps improve the quality of erections and can work greatly as an aphrodisiac.
  • Cordyceps: This ingredient helps increase the production of testosterone. Other effects include the increase of sexual desire and libido.

Pros and Cons of using ProSolution Pills

  • ProSolution Pills by Leading Edge Health, a company with great reputation in the male enhancement business.
  • Studies have proven that the formula of ProSolution Pills is effective.
  • It helps increase both sexual and mental health.
  • You will have more stronger erections and more pleasurable sex.
  • ProSolution Pills help increase testosterone levels.
  • It has a 67 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results you can ask for your money back within this time frame.
  • You can only find ProSolution Pills through the Leading Edge Health website.

#3. VigFX


VigFX is one of the first male enhancement products that appeared in the marked. After many years in the market many men have manifested that VigFX helped them with their sexual problems. It has multiple properties such as increasing libido, improving bed performance, and increasing levels of testosterone. Even though just by improving levels of testosterone VigFX helps increase performance, it goes even further improving sexual strength.      

You will start seeing the results of VigFX after four weeks of treatment, and they will last longer with permanent use. This male enhancement pill also has the advantage that is 90% absorb by the body, making it more effective. Using VigFX is completely safe, as it is an FDA approved supplement.    

What ingredients are inside VigFX?

VigFX natural components work together to improve a great variety of sexual problems in men. If you are suffering from low sex drive, low energy or a lack of libido, VigFX might be the solution for you. No matter how old you or your health issues, VigFX is completely safe, and will help you increase Testosterone levels. This male enhancement supplement will help you gain physical strength and it is perfect for your daily routine. Here are some of the ingredients inside VigFX:

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract: It is one of the most use herbs in alternative medicine, and helps increase penile strength. It gives VigFX properties such as increasing libido and reducing premature ejaculation.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This herb helps increase the blood flow to the penis. After a daily use you will improve both your sexual function and physical health. Some studies demonstrated that this herb helps patients suffering from anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. 
  • Damiana: This herb helps increase levels of testosterone, libido and stamina.
  • Muira Pauma: This popular herb has proven to be effective improving erectile dysfunction. It can also work as an aphrodisiac.  

Pros and Cons of using VigFX

  • It is completely safe as it has the approval of the FDA.
  • VigFX popularity among men is still strong. 
  • All its ingredients work perfectly together making VigFX a great male enhancement pill. 
  • Compared to other male enhancement pills in the market VigFX is affordable.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product you can use the 67-day money-back guarantee and receive your money. 
  • You can only find VigFX in the official manufacturer’s website.

#4. ExtenZe

Extenze male enhancement pills

This past few years ExtenZe has become a leading competitor in the male enhancement pills market. More and more men all over the world are praising the results they are getting by using ExtenZe. This male enhancer helps men suffering problems of erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, it also helps increase libido and gives you harder and long-lasting erections.

Also made by the company Leading Edge Health, it has become one of the top sellers’ products across the US. For ExtenZe to work you need to take it once a day, every day. With this continuous use you will notice an increase blood flow to the penis and as a result stronger erection.   

What ingredients are inside ExtenZe?

The main benefit of ExtenZe is that it is made completely using natural products. This has been the secret of its success as each ingredient works together to improve sexual and physical health: Here is a list of the main ingredients used in ExtenZe:

  • Hop (strobile) extract: this ingredient provides a natural source to increase your testosterone levels.
  • Yohimbe: This ingredient help increase the burning of fat, making you loose weight. It also has properties as an erection enhancer.
  • Zinc: This mineral helps increase sperm count and motility, and improves overall sexual health. 
  • L-arginine hydrochloride: this amino acid component helps patients who suffer form erectile dysfunction.
  • Folate: This herbal product helps increase your energy. It also helps increase blood cell production which in the end translates into more oxygen available. throughout the body.   
  • Licorice extract: It helps regulate mood and hormone levels in males.  
  • Pregnenolone: It can increase the production of testosterone in your body. 
  • Ho Shou wu extract: It has the ability to improve male fertility and is a great anti-ageing supplement.  
  • Ginger: It gives ExtenZe its aphrodisiac properties and increases blood flow to the penis.
  • Piper longum: Improves overall mental health helping patients who suffer from depression or anxiety.

Other ingredients found in ExtenZe are:

Korean ginseng extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, Horny goat weed, Damiana, Velvet deer antler, Pumpkin seeds, Stinging nettle, Astragalus, and Boron

Pros and Cons of using ExtenZe

  • It will help you gain more strong and sustained erections.
  • ExtenZe will help you increase your levels of testosterone.
  • By buying ExtenZe you will receive a money back guarantee to use if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • You will get faster results by taking only one pill a day.
  • Many people have certified the effects of ExtenZe.
  • There are no side effects.
  • ExtenZe is only available on the Leading Edge Health’s website

#5. MagnaRX+

MagnaRX plus pills

MagnaRX+ has become a referent in the male enhancement pills market. It has become widely successful thanks to its properties, to the point where many have tried to copy their formulation. One of the main things that users of MagnaRX+ claim is that this product has help them increase the size of the penis. However, the manufacturer explains that this might be due to the increase in the blood flow to the penis. With an increase in the blood flow, you will have harder and stronger erections making your penis increase in size. Other uses of MagnaRX+ include increasing sexual stamina, libido and sperm count. Overall, it produces a more intense orgasm.

Magna RX+ helps improve the sex life of many men, helping them have a more pleasurable time in bed. Thanks to its natural herbal ingredients, MagnaRX+ is completely safe and does not produce any side effect. You will not have to worry about overdosing or throwing away your money, with the help of MagnaRX+ you will see results in no time.  

Even though the effects of MagnaRX+ are clear, you can improve them by having a good diet and an exercise regime. Some people include weight lifting, as it helps increase testosterone levels, using this supplement you can help aid that. You will improve how your body looks while at the same time having a harder erection in bed. MagnaRX+ also has great properties improving the overall mental health in patients who suffer from anxiety or depression.

What ingredients are inside MagnaRX+?

Before taking any kind of supplement it is important that you know what is inside them. This will help you make sure that you are not allergic to any of the components. Here is a list of the ingredients inside MagnaRX+

  • Horny Goats Weed: This herb works mainly on the sensory nerves located in the penis. It works as a sexual stimulant, that works in both males and females. It also has the ability to increase sperm count and libido. 
  • Pygeum Africanum: This herb improves men sexual health and it is use all over the world. It has a potent effect over prostate problems. It comes out of the Prunus Africana bark, a widely used African herbal medicine. 
  • L-Arginine: It is often used as a pre-workout enhancer, helping increase male stamina. There is still not enough evidence about the work it produces over sexual health. Some studies believe that it increases the levels of nitric oxide, increasing the blood flow to the penis.
  • Licorice Root: this root has many properties by improving mental health and sexual performance. Other effects over the body include the boost of the immune system which can increase your health.     
  • Maca Root: This west plant has been extensively used in the west as a sexual enhancer and libido. MagnaRX+ formula contains a great amount of this root increasing your energy levels and your libido. 
  • Oriental Ginseng: This herb is the main component of many supplements, increasing both mental health and brain function. With the addition to MagnaRX+ users will experience an increase in their levels of energy and an improved sexual drive.   
  • Sarsaparilla: This herb helps increase the levels of testosterone in your body.   
  • Cayenne: You can find Cayenne from hot pepper extract. This ingredient works increasing blood pressure and at the same time increasing sexual performance.  
  • Pumpkin Seeds: As estrange as it might seem that this ingredient is use in a male supplement pill, it can help increase sexual performance. Having greater levels of zinc and magnesium, pumpkin seeds help MagnaRX+ to increase sperm production and prostate health.   

Pros and Cons of using MagnaRX+

  • MagnaRX+ it helps increase your sperm count and overall quality. You will also have a better sexual stamina and libido.
  • This supplement is cheap; everyone can afford to buy it.
  • No matter how old you are, MagnaRX+ works with man of all ages.
  • Taking MagnaRX+ you will start seeing the results after just four weeks.
  • As it contains all-natural ingredients, you will have no side effect after using MagnaRX+
  • You can only find this supplement only in the manufacturer’s official website.
  • Some of the ingredients used in MagnaRX+ are still under research for safety.

The main reason many men turn to Male Enhancement Pills is to look for an efficient solution to their sexual problems. Male Enhancement Pills are affordable, safe and a great investment to improve your sexual life. The products you find in this article went under a lot of research, and the testimony of its users demonstrates its efficacy.  Overall, you will find that using only natural elements you will be able to have a greater sexual experience. Using these Male Enhancement Pills daily, you will see permanent results for your sexual dysfunctions, cognitive function and physical health. Make sure that you give these supplements a proper chance, and you will see that after only a few weeks your life will change forever. 


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