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NOPE Supporter Discusses RX and Marijuana Abuse

NOPE Supporter Discusses RX and Marijuana Abuse

Teresa Miller started the fact-based websites: and She tells us what lead her down the path to becoming an anti-drug advocate.

Teresa Miller is a longtime supporter of NOPE Task Force. She started her anti-drug advocacy work some 10 years ago after her son began abusing prescription drugs. She launched websites and grassroots campaigns to bring attention to the disease of addiction and provide factual, research-based information about marijuana and other drugs often abused by young people.

Visit her websites:

NOPE asked Teresa to explain her background and organization, and how she thinks our nation can solve the current overdose epidemic.

What got you started in working to reduce drug abuse?

Teresa: A little over ten years ago we received what I call a “funky e-mail” from our son in college. I told my husband that you need to bring him home. At the time, I had no idea prescription drugs were so easy to access and were being so highly abused. When our son came out of detox I didn’t even recognize him. I cried. Then took a deep breath, instead of thinking “Why me, why us” I asked God to help me prevent what happened to our family from happening to others. Next, I returned to college, after 30 years, and earned a degree in Mental Health Counseling. After graduating I felt called to volunteer in the prevention field.

When and how did you start your organization? And explain what your organization does and where it is located?

Teresa: began as a one-page warning against the abuse of prescription drugs. Over the years, it has developed into a website with resources and information for everyone (parents, friends, teens, teachers, …) to better understand the disease of addiction and complexity of recovery. With the legalization of “medical” marijuana occurring across our country, I wanted people to know the truth. Marijuana is a drug that often leads to addiction and the desire for stronger drugs, triggers other mental issues, and often causes other irreversible damage especially among youth. was created to provide resources based on research and data, not anecdotal hype. In addition to the website, other educational marketing tools included bumper stickers, educational business cards (discretely left at every store I shopped), yard signs, t-shirts and tote bags.

What do you think our nation needs to do to reduce drug abuse?

Teresa: Addiction is preventable. Our nation and states need to provide funding for substance abuse prevention programs, not harm reduction tools. Schools, churches, libraries, and recreational centers - to mention a few organizations - would greatly benefit from prevention programs. A free on-line program should be available. The program should contain weekly modules that reinforce previous topics while introducing new information. Promote this program similar to the Tobacco-Free campaign that has proven to be successful.

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