NOPE Task Force – Narcotics Overdose Prevention & Education

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Reaching youth through prevention, education and support

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Combating Sober Houses and Other Problematic Issues in Florida’s Drug Overdose Epidemic

Florida has become a medical vacation destination as parents send their adult children there for treatment. Result: a massive recovery industry has been created with little oversight – until now.

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New Reality in Drugs

A new federal report finds that 1 in 7 in U.S. will face substance addiction. One solution to the drug crisis: parents need to talk their children about addiction – today.

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Vigils Bring Communities Together to Honor Those Lost and Struggling With Disease of Addiction

As more horrifying drugs flood communities across our nations, NOPE Candle Light Vigils bring families together to learn about drug-related deaths and understand the disease of addiction

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Veteran Law Enforcement Deputy: Drug Use and Abuse Is Everyone’s Concern

Deputy Leslie Barbalaco has been a NOPE Task Force presenter for some time now in Palm Beach County, Florida. She believes deeply in our mission, and says it’s really important not to sugar coat anything about drugs to young people.

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Naloxone: A Tool -- Not Treatment -- In Saving Lives

The drug naloxone reverses overdoses, but it needs to be used as a tool -- not treatment – in saving lives, much like a defibrillator for the heart attack victim. We need more effective ways to save people from drug overdoses.

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Tricia Stouch’s Story: “NOPE Is, For Me, Life Saving”

A Pennsylvania mother finds friendship and comfort in NOPE Task Force after losing her daughter to a drug overdose.

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FL HB61 Overdose Death Prevention Act – “Richie’s Law” Will Save Lives

We support the passage of this bill in Florida to require specific rules be followed by an emergency care practitioner whose patient suffers a non-fatal unintentional overdose. That could prevent patients from suffering or dying from overdoses in the futu

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